Vault Version 1.0


Detroit’s musical heritage is currently scattered amongst unknown closets, basements, and storage units in the form of analog, magnetic tapes, and other fragile media formats, as well as consumer grade formats like compact discs, VHS tapes, cassettes, etc. As each day passes, these artifacts are degrading in their physical forms and disappearing due to moves, floods, neglect, other environmental traumas, and lack of planning.

Converting these treasures to digital archives for public curation is one of the long term goals of the Detroit Sound Conservancy.

Locating and rescuing these items in the short term is critical so they can be preserved in their physical form until they can be digitized and shared with the world.

With our recent move to United Sound Systems Recording Studios (USSRS), the DSC has begun to source, build out, and maintain our first Vault to preserve Detroit’s musical and cultural heritage.

There are many stages in the archival process.

We are currently surveying and inventorying our collections so that we can begin to make the collections open to the public via appointment sometime in 2016.

One important note: We will quickly run out of space in this our first rental home. Detroit currently has a luxury of “cheap” real estate. Over the longterm, we plan to leverage this advantage to create a larger safe haven for musical artifacts before we finally open our own public space in the future.

Get Involved

We are looking for volunteers and interns.

We are looking for donations to begin a media and preservation laboratory.

Music Library

Contains albums, LPs, 78s, 45s, compact discs, as well as digital music files.

Sound Archives

Contains digital materials created by the Detroit Sound Conservancy as well as archival audio materials like oral histories and live performances.

Manuscript Collections

This collection includes the archives of the DSC, sheet music, and a vertical file.

Reference Library

Audio-Visual Library

Updated Winter 2016