The Search for Heaven:
Restoring an Historic Club System

“To have a home base like that. It sounds like a cliché now, but it really was magic. Heaven was special.”
Alvin Hill, DJ, producer, and Club Heaven attendee

Club Heaven was Detroit’s center. In the tradition of Chicago’s Warehouse and New York’s Paradise Garage, Club Heaven gave life.

Detroit Sound Conservancy seeks your partnership to bring the Club Heaven Sound System back to life.

With your support over the next six months, we plan to restore an assemblage of wires, horns, and cabinets that collectively represent a legendary era in Detroit cultural history.

It’s a history that is too often forgotten and marginalized.

We are now the keepers of this legacy.

And we plan to do it proud.


“When I did go to Heaven to drop off my records for Ken to play … I just didn’t realize he could play that way.”
Kevin Saunderson, producer and DJ

The speakers inside the Club Heaven inspired a primarily gay, black, youth crowd to express themselves through dance during the early 1990s. Ken Collier, described as Detroit’s Godfather of Techno, was a seminal deejay whose career peaked on the corner of 7 Mile and Woodward at Club Heaven. Now Club Heaven is gone — torn down to make way for a restaurant and so too Collier who died in 1996.


After years of earning trust and dedicated activism, Greg Collier, Ken Collier’s Brother, gifted the Club Heaven Sound System to DSC in 2017. Greg, a longtime DJ himself at clubs like Todd’s on Detroit’s East Side, understands the importance of his Brother’s legacy and continues to support DSC’s efforts honor that legacy.



Lead community partner. Their mission is is to increase awareness of the intricacies of LGBT culture through education and advocacy.


Led by Michael Fotias production manager for Movement Festival and Detroit Jazz Fest.


  • Celebrate
  • Enlighten
  • Educate
  • Exhibit
  • Gather community
  • Bridge generations
  • Bring attention to HIV/AIDs

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    Renderings by Peter Lusch

    Photo of dancer Robert Mitchell and Club Heaven Sound System in 1993 by Christopher Cushman. Learn more about him and his work at EPIPHANYNoir

    Updated 7 November 2017

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