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Preservation and Innovation


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DETROITSOUND4 will present a single day conference including panels, presentations, workshops, and an exclusive performance on the Blue Blue Inn jazz stage.

The presenters take their point of departure from the struggles to preserve sonic spaces like United Sound Systems Recording Studios (a ten minute walk from the conference venue) and the Blue Bird Inn (a seven minute drive away) against the Federal highway expansion of I-94 and foreclosure crisis respectively. The spectre that drives the conference is this: how can two of the most sonically advanced places of modern culture face such legally sanctioned and economically determined sonic devastation and apocalypse? In order to respond to this situation, panelists will draw from the City’s rich history of designing, producing, and innovating soundscapes, both architectural and musical, in order to better understand, question, and expand Detroit’s “City of Design” designation. What could happen if we listened for design instead of merely looked for it? What might change if we prioritized the sonic—in our cars, highways, workplaces, homes, studios, relationships?

In that spirit, specific topics will include the preservation and interpretation of sound impulse responses in abandoned African American bars, the preservation and restoration of historic speaker systems in historically gay clubs, the branding and aesthetics of corporate soundscapes, and the sonic dynamics of racial discrimination. The conference will also feature an exclusive discussion entitled “Sonic Apocalypse” surrounding the devastation of Detroit’s sonic histories as well as a variety of multimedia presentations and films that will foreground the need for innovation and imagination moving forward.


Zackery Belanger, Arcgeometer
Libby Cole, Work Department
Margo Davis, Taubman College University of Michigan
Bryce Detroit, Detroit Afrikan Music Institution
Mike Fotias, Audio Rescue Team
Lauren Hood, Live6
Christian Matijas-Mecca, School of Music, Theatre, Dance University of Michigan
Joe Phillips and Jay Scott, Another Country Detroit
Steve Reaume, BLDG01 / The Detroit I Love

More speakers to be announced…

For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact our director via email at director@detroitsound.org or call direct at 313-444-8242


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Updated 15 August 2017