Roy Brooks, Detroit Jazz Alive 1993

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Detroit Jazz Alive – WDET-FM, hosted by Jim Gallert Lineup: Roy Brooks – Percussion Emmanuel Riggins – Keyboards Special Guests: Flash Beaver – Tap Dancing Joan Crawford – Vocals Setlist: “Muy Hombre” (written by Roy Brooks) “Mr. Lucky” (written by Henry Mancini) “The Brown Bomber” (written by Roy Brooks) “Giant Steps” (written by John Coltrane) […]

James Jenkins

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Preface This manuscript is the product of a tape recorded interview with James T. Jenkins conducted by Deborah Evans for the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library on June 7, 1988. Deborah Evans transferred the tape and James T. Jenkins [1916-1994] edited the transcript. James T. Jenkins is the Founder and Director of […]

Roy Brooks: Drumist 1938-2005

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Not a drummer, but a drumist Growing up in a Detroit with pianos in every house, Roy Brooks found the beginnings of his self-described purpose: to create a musical truth. Though Brooks received guidance from several of his more well-known contemporaries — Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane among them — he chose to forge his […]