Cynthia “DJ Cent” Travis 2014

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I GOT MUSIC, WE GOT PEOPLE, LET’S DO THE BEST WE CAN Cynthia “DJ Cent” Travis details her beginnings as a clubber, her wide ranging career in music, and the Detroit figures that paved her way. Travis’ story is uplifting, inspiring, and as deep as the music she plays and curates. The interview was conducted […]

Greg Collier

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“I always tried to be a little bit of a perfectionist, and so I had to criticize my own work. Every night I would record my own work just to see what I could do. And when I’d leave the club I’d play it back so I could critique my own self. Hear things I did that I liked, what things I didn’t like, what things I played that I shouldn’t play, things that… and that sort of thing. So it became more of a study guide for me. It was a way of reviewing my work.”

Scott Gordon

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DSC – Oral History Project / Breakout : Scott Gordon from Detroit Sound Conservancy on Vimeo.