Our Board of Directors and Advisers include musicians, preservationists, teachers, archivists, librarians, journalists, coders, ethnomusicologists, architects, photographers, filmmakers, publicists, DJs, urban planners, and, most importantly, fans of Detroit music.


Mike Fotias, President
Fotias is a sound engineer.

Alyson Turner, Vice President
Turner is an educator

Donna Gardner, Treasurer 
Gardner is a grant and contract administrator.

Bart Bealmear, Secretary
Bealmear is an archivist and writer

Christopher Handyside, Board Member
Handyside is a writer and musician

Lauren Hood, Board Member
Hood is a community developer and engagement specialist


LaVell Williams (1967-2018)
Denise Dalphond
Angie Linder
Barbara Martin
Michelle McKinney
Kim Silarski


Carleton Gholz, PhD., Founder & Executive Director

Jonah Raduns-Silverstein, Projects Coordinator



Leo Early, writer and preservationist
Karen Jania, archivist
Krysta Ryzewski, urban archaeologist
Rebecca Binno Savage, preservationist
Kim Schroeder, coordinator of archival administration program

Blue Bird Stage

Chair: Reginald Tiessen, video producer
Veronica Johnson, archivist and project manager
Dameon Gabriel, musician

Club Heaven Sound System

Chair: Mike Fotias, Vice President and sound engineer
Peter Croce, deejay, producer, and record label owner
Kristen Gallerneaux, PhD., curator and sonic researcher
Curtis Lipscomb, activist
Damon Percy, cultural historian and writer
Steven Reaume, promoter and chef

Dan Sicko Scholarship

Chair: Christopher Handyside, author and musician

At Large

Brian Boyer, hacker journalist
Ryan Davies, Producer / Engineer
Brendan Gillen, electronic musician, record label owner, and writer
Lizzy Graham, marketing and communications consultant
Matt Hampel, developer
Maurice “Pirahnahead” Herd, music production and label owner
Hank Kelley, city planner
Bill McGraw, writer
Michelle McKinney, singer, dancer, and archivist
Marsha Music, writer and cultural historian
Isaac Moore, music educator
Paul Schauert, ethnomusicologist
Rob Theakston, scholar and strategist
Adriel Thornton, ‘Detroit’s ambassador of cultural goodwill’
Ed Vielmetti, editor
Walter Wasacz, writer and electronic performance artist.


Ceylan Akturk, teacher, writer, and rights manager
Colleen Marquis, archivist


Nicholas J. Schroeck, lawyer


Ceylan Akturk, teacher, writer, and rights manager


Alex Alexander, photographer


Dylan Box


Alexandrea Penn, Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science, Spring 2019
Rukiya Colvin, Urban Planning Student, Fall 2018
Sarah Donetti, Archivist/Information Professional, Summer 2017-Spring 2018
Benjamin Bond, University of Michigan School of Information, Spring-Summer 2016, Winter 2018-Present
Sidne S., Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science, Winter-Spring-Summer 2016
Kevin Kapalla, Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science, Fall 2015
Danae Dracht, Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science, Spring-Summer-Fall 2015
Colleen Marquis, University of Michigan School of Information, Spring 2015
Richard Marcil, Wayne State University History Department, Spring 2014

Updated 28 March 2019