Founded in 2012, the Detroit Sound Conservancy (DSC) is the leader in Detroit music history activism.

Our advisers include musicians, preservationists, teachers, archivists, librarians, journalists, coders, ethnomusicologists, architects, photographers, filmmakers, publicists, DJs, urban planners, and, most importantly, fans of Detroit music.

In 2012, the DSC organized its initial board, threw a party, and conducted a music tour for Allied Media Conference.

In 2013, the DSC executed a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign to start an oral history archive for Detroit music online and in the city based on pre-existing recordings from Detroit’s music journalists.

In 2014, the DSC began acting as an independent 501(c)(3) and executed its first conference.

In 2015, the DSC accessioned the Graystone International Jazz Museum Collection, held its second conference, and moved its first exhibit space, office, and Vault into United Sound Systems Recording Studios.

In 2016, we have turned four years old, continue to celebrate the Graystone Legacy, are helping United Sound get an historic marker, will celebrate John Lee Hooker’s 99th birthday, and will convene our third sound conference. In May, we outgrew our space at United Sound and are currently looking for a new place for our collections.

Updated Spring 2016